Tie Dye Baby Wipes

How are you doing, mama? Another day in the house trying to think of an educational, semi CLEAN activity to keep your kids preoccupied? Same. I wanted to share with you our latest trick! In just three simple steps, your kids can makes these colorful creations!

No. 1 : Grab your supplies. You will need baby wipes, some kid safe markers & a few rubber bands. I suggest you ditch the kids shirts just to be safe.

No. 2 : Twist, roll, pinch your baby wipes in clumps & rubber band them tight. If you have ever tie dyed something in the past - which I am sure you have - then treat these tiny little wipes just the same as those shirts!

No. 3 : Let the kids have fun. They can color wherever they want on the wrapped up wipes, using the colors of their choosing. That's it!

Now once they are all done & good to go, you can unwrap the rubber bands & see the colors blend together, creating a beautiful tie dye affect.

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