Spread Love in Quarantine

This is an odd time. It is a time of secludarity & darkness. We miss our loved ones, our friends & family & all we want is a big ole hug. People are suffering in health, in work, in social aspects that we have never seen before.

It is an especially odd time for the kids. The little ones who don't understand the world today or cannot watch the news & understand why they aren't seeing their grandmas or friends. We wanted to do something special for our loved ones & to help get the kids involved. Being creative is the best thing we can do today to keep them active & their minds working.

We made this fun craft the other day. Wrote a nice note, played in the paint & got out the oven mitts. A sweet treat, sweeter note & little car ride around dropping these gifts off was just what the quarantine doctor ordered. Keeping ourselves & our loved ones safe by practicing the "hit & run" method. It filled my heart seeing the smiles on everyone's face, especially Brady's.

I encourage you to do something creative that spreads love during this time. Why not carry these actions into regular life? We are thankful for the lessons we are learning & the gratitude we are gaining for our healthy & safety & freedom to be creative.

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