Kids of Target

It appears mama's obsession with Target has been passed down the family line. Not going to lie though, when I hear a little voice from Brady in the back seat begging to get to Target, a slight smile emerges on my face. I'm proud. Me too, kid, me too.

A fun idea if you have kiddo's at home is to do a Target Photoshoot. Throw on those red jammies & hit the Starbucks line. Whether its filled with Luke-warm hot chocolate or water, really the cup is all you need. You know, full affect.

Have a blast roaming the aisles on the cart, snapping photos with your sweet babes. Not only is it a fun activity to do together in a place you BOTH love, but it is a way to burn energy, practice those poses & get your kid creative.

Here are a few shots from our fun Target day - pre Corona that is.

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