I'm Carley! A wife to my high school sweetheart & mom of two boys, Brady & Cove. Since I was young I had a passion for two things : Little babes & being creative. I am so blessed to be surrounded by both of those passions daily.
My background includes a degree from Liberty University where I studied Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising. I began this business, know as Carley Jae back then, in 2013 when I was just 18 years old. In 2020 I decided that with growth, a new beginning was needed. Cott & Cloth was launched. With my educational background & now 7 years of hands on experience, Cott & Cloth is becoming a dream come true. 
The last 7 years has been filled with new learning & constant growth. Obtaining skills in time management (let's be honest, this is still a work in progress), customer relations, & self marketing, I am falling more in love with this business of mine each day. Cott & Cloth would not be where it is today with out my constant learning & never ending support from friends & family.
My love for creating these unique handmade products & ability to do so is all in thanks to my amazingly-creative mother! I learned how to sew at a very young girl, always trying to be crafty. If there was a new DIY or craft, you know I was right there trying it out along side my mom. 
My mission for Cott & Cloth is to keep building this creative community. To spread positivity to women all over through these unique, handmade goods & to encourage the love language of giving. All products are made in house by the Carley Jae Goods team! 
Carley Jae donates 10 percent from every purchase to the GLA Orphanage.


ABOUT CARLEY // Owner of Cott & Cloth